Food Innovation

We have some of the most skilled, passionate, and inventive culinary professionals pushing us forward. They look at trends and listen to consumers, retailers, and restaurants for insights into how people eat and how we can make that experience better.

The result? Innovative foods that surprise and delight, including unexpected flavors, fresh, more wholesome ingredients – foods conceived with both convenience and conscience in mind.

Our professionals operate in our two European Innovation Centers, based in Ashford (UK) and Oosterwolde (NL).

We operate with 2 Innovation Hubs in Europe:
Ashford, United Kingdom
Oosterwolde, The Netherlands
Oosterwolde - Column 2 - Media

Customised Solutions

Tyson Foods Europe has always stayed in front of emerging food trends. Our innovation team is agile and collaborative, helping to drive protein product innovation that meet local consumer demand and solve specific customer needs.

Branded Innovation

At Tyson Foods Europe,  we work with leading market intelligence companies to truly understand our consumers. We're proud to meet the desire for protein-rich foods, offer products that consumers love in brands that have a story to tell. Learn more about our portfolio of leading protein-centric brands.