Our Products

We are currently working hard to build an interactive product catalogue for you to browse through our portfolio and get to know all details about our products. In the meantime download our catalogues!

Since starting from humble beginnings in 1935, Tyson Foods has revolutionised the food industry by providing generations of families with wholesome, great-tasting foods.

Tyson C'Rock Music®

When you want to go large with your chicken options, the Tyson C'Rock Music® range has all the snack and meal options you might need.

Tyson Hot 'n' Kickin®

If it’s a real spicy attitude you’re after, the Tyson Hot 'n' Kickin® Line really packs a punch.

Universal Meats®

We believe that everyone should have the choice of great tasting-foods at a good value.

Grab It®

To us, snacking ought to be healthy, convenient and fun. Go Grab It®!

Raised & Rooted

Raised & Rooted® celebrates plant-protein that’s delicious.


Tyson Fresh Meats®

We have a portfolio of beef and pork offerings. From top-quality programs, to all-natural meats, to Angus programs, we offer a wide range of brands to fit specific international needs