Our Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainably feed the world with safe, high-quality and nutritious food products.

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Food Safety First

We’re making high-quality food safely by fostering a culture that puts food safety first and by maintaining the expertise to ensure that safety is central to everything we do.

Our products and processes are developed to integrate safety, quality and continuous improvement at every touchpoint— supply chain, ingredient sourcing, product preparation, storage and delivery to our customers and consumers. This holistic approach to guaranteeing the safety and quality of our food is what guides our work.

We view regulatory compliance as a critical deliverable within our systems, but continuous improvement of food safety is much more. We’re dedicated to integrating food safety within our sustainability framework to find win-win opportunities to extend safety across our value chain, from the delivery of food to consumers to the safety of our team members, the environment and the animals within our supply chain. As a result, our food safety and quality assurance (FSQA) professional network comprises thousands of operations, engineering, supply chain and procurement team members who co-own food safety and quality. This integrated approach leads to a critical mass of food safety ownership, innovation and execution of our processes.

Responsible Nutrition

Responsible nutrition is integrated into our company’s purpose of raising the world’s expectations for how much good food can do. It’s also critical to our business success. Consumers’ increased interest in their health is driving their food choices in the marketplace, and their nutrition needs and preferences are constantly evolving. As one of the largest food companies in the world, it’s incumbent upon Tyson Foods to anticipate and respond to these needs with fresh ideas and innovative products that expand our portfolio of foods with nutritious attributes.

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Improving Product Attributes

Consumers are increasingly demanding products with simpler ingredients and fewer additives, as well as products with certain health-focused attributes. We seek to expand the number of products with attributes consumers crave, including no artificial ingredients (NAI).


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